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Gypsy Death and You

Creating yesterday’s post, I wanted to have three songs ready for you. Unfortunately, my over-reliance on YouTube for any sort of visual/audio media I want to show off failed me. I was only able to come up with two tracks, as the third didn’t seem popular enough to so much as a Naruto mashup. Considering Halloween is almost upon us, it didn’t seem right to leave out the following piece of work, I couldn’t get WordPress’ audio player plugin to work at the time. However! After poking...
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Pink, White and Brown

Young Master McGowan is right! New York is about as Liverpool-y as it can get outside — my hoodie is still wet from the half-mile walk to work. So let’s get on with some noise to drown out a meteorological malaise so intolerable it’d make Travis Bickle say “fuck it” and stay home. That’s the Jesus and Mary Chain, one of the first groups to mix feedback and pop music. The band didn’t just inspire decades worth of shoegaze and noise rock, though. Five years ago, every...
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There is No Reason

On December 17th, 1977, Elvis Costello and the Attractions filled in for the Sex Pistols on the still-nascent Saturday Night Live. The band wanted to play Radio Radio. SNL requested Less than Zero. The former was a blast at the power grab corporations were performing on the airwaves and within the record industry during the rise of punk rock, dictating, for all intents and purposes, what was going to be music and what wasn’t. The latter was Costello’s response to an unrepentant interview...
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Mors ontologica

After separating from his fourth wife, Philip K. Dick opened the doors of his newly-empty home to potheads, tweakers, junkies – you name it. He had already been using amphetamine to assist in the writing process (living off pulp novels means shooting out pages like a photocopier,) and now let his addiction run rampant among this crowd. (Brief aside: this origin story may sound familiar to fans of the Mountain Goats, as John Darnielle’s experiences in a similar environment were the...
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Today is a busy day — the following is offered with neither explanation nor apology. Have a good weekend, everyone.