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Only Shallow on the Inside

Taking figurative advantage of my utter lack of content, let's take a look back at some of the darlings of the short-lived Electroclash scene. Sprung from the fertile wombs of the New York, Detroit and "Europe" (some would say the roots of the genre lay in the Dutch group I-F's "Space Invaders are Smoking Grass," a few years before New York City-based DJ Larry Tee coined trademarked the term,) it romanticized cheap sex, expensive drugs, easy glamor and robots. By the time I was going to electronic music dance clubs in the mid 2000s, these songs became absolute staples, some of the earlier tracks already long played out. New York's Electroclash-specific night, Berliniamsburg, closed down in 2002, the year I started going to college and turned 18. Although never achieving the heights of their New Wave predecessors, the genre has made an indelible mark on music. I hope. Here are some (and I emphasize some) tracks from the scene that made a particular impact on me, for one reason or another:

I-F with Space Invaders are Smoking Grass. Still more on the house-y side, but you can definitely see the groundwork laid:

Miss Kittin and Golden Boy with Rippin Kittin. I wonder if Danzig or Jerry Only have ever heard this track. Well, they more than likely have. I wonder what their reactions were...:

Tyga and Zyntherius' cover of Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night, bringing some android life into what was a nearly (hurr hurr) heartless 80s single:

Berlin-based Mount Sims with How We Do. Mount Sims, along with Peaches (who was one of the biggest success stories,) takes the cake for most overt sexuality in the music without become intolerably campy (ahem Avenue D ahem.) He/they also take the cake for my favorite song of the entire genre, Hate Fuck (NSFW). Unfortunately, the video being rather racy (albeit I don't think there is any actual nudity) I'll post this one and have you get a taste of him rather than not:

Finally, here is Kathleen Hanna's post-Bikini Kill project Le Tigre with Deceptacon, adding some much needed "fuck you" to the music, which prior had concentrated more on "fuck me":

There's absolutely no way to finish up this post without mentioning New York's Fischerspooner, but EMI saw it fit to disable embedding. So, here's a link to their music video/short film for Sweetness.

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