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Rave On, This Crazy Feelin’

Today is my birthday, and to honor the fact, two of my favorite bands are playing live, together. The Raveonettes and the Black Angels are playing a show at Webster Hall, and the lady and I will be there, front-and-center-ish. The Raveonettes, hailing from Denmark, actually played a show in New York City while I was visiting Denmark. This will make up for it in spades, however. (I hope they're still selling the LUST LUST LUST t-shirts, as well.)

Here's Suicide, off their new album from a live set they did in Chicago, just two months ago. Said new album, In & Out of Control, is the best LP of 2009. Uncontested. Except by someone with differing tastes in music. Wrong tastes in music:

And here're the Black Angels, with an unknown song, played live just last Friday. I don't remember how I came across them, but they are named after The Velvet Underground's The Black Angel's Death Song, and sound like a down-in-the-whiskey Jesus and Mary Chain so that's a bit of something good:

(Thanks to alterna2 for the photo.)


The show was absolutely fantastic. The Raveonettes even did a slow-dance cover of Little Animal, which is one of my most favorite songs of theirs.

The Black Angels:

The Raveonettes:

Awesome tour poster:

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