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There Goes Another Novel

I’ve taken ill these last two days, so original content will have to be put on hold at least for a while. Considering today was spent intermittently napping and checking Google Reader, here are some fun links: These two have been around a while, but they’re always a blast. Strange Sisters and Gay on the Range collect covers of 1960s lesbian and gay pulp novels, respectively. They go anywhere from nostalgic and sentimental, to adorably campy, to just plain weird. There’s also...
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The Annual Pardon

Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone who celebrates it.

Somewhere Sunny Summer’s Marching to a Different Drummer

I have a lot of trouble adjusting to the winter. For reasons unknown, my body goes into quasi-hibernation mode right after daylight savings kicks in. I get considerably more tired, more often, regardless of sunlight or caffeine intake. My mood tends to drop, out of nowhere, like the goddamn Tower of Terror. Any sort of ambition or will to do anything constructive (or even destructive!) gets put on hiatus until April, unless I absolutely force myself. Which is all great considering all this...
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I’m Your Biggest Fan, Pt. 2 of 3

I originally stumbled across Tim Kreider’s work (possibly NSFW) by accident, years before a formal introduction. The circumstances were so boring I can barely remember them. I was playing around with the freshly debuted Google Image Search and thought “‘Onan the Barbarian’, that’ll bring up some hilarity.” And it did (definitely NSFW.) Months (years?) later I was formally introduced to his art by way of this MetaFilter post. I instantly fell in love with his style. Obsessively...
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The Worst Cracker Time in Recorded History

How bad-ass is Bruce Lee? Bruce Lee is so bad-ass he brings a snack to the last fight. Enjoy this scene from Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss while I finish off a paper for my Chinese Martial Arts Fiction class. Oh advanced English Literature electives, you crack me up.