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There Goes Another Novel

I've taken ill these last two days, so original content will have to be put on hold at least for a while. Considering today was spent intermittently napping and checking Google Reader, here are some fun links:

These two have been around a while, but they're always a blast. Strange Sisters and Gay on the Range collect covers of 1960s lesbian and gay pulp novels, respectively. They go anywhere from nostalgic and sentimental, to adorably campy, to just plain weird. There's also a few in disguise; purporting to be exposes ("Gay" slang dictionary for novelty purposes only) or "dramatizations" of vile, villainous and, dare I say, immoral acts of homosexuality. Now you'll have to pardon me, my newest shipment of completely straight physique magazines just arrived.

BoingBoing did a story on Cactus, a 24-year-old Swede who seems to release a new video game every third breath. Air Pirates resembles what I would have preferred last night's fever dreams to look like. If you don't feel like clickin' around or watching videos, here is the direct link to the download portion of his website. Cactus Arcade, a collection of seventeen (seventeen!) of his games is the brass ring.

New York Shitty presents Victoria Belanger's photos of a hamster inside a tiny recreation of the 4 train.

...and it is back to convalescing for me. Before I go, however, I'd like to remind all of you to keep track of the upcoming elections. Gay On The Range has declared a dark-horse candidate, so let's all remember to vote for...

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  1. I’m reading the collected stories of Raymond Chandler right now. Having mostly known noir pulp through third-hand parodies of third-rate writers, I’m surprised how good it is, and how few details you’d have to change to make the stories work and ring true in modern Los Angeles. One of the more amusing quirks, though, is that characters only ever seem to get more than three features of appearance described if he’s insinuating they’re gay. Which is done anywhere from fairly clever and subtly to wince-worthy double entendres and wordplay, but never stated flat out.

  2. It’s a really good book ! thx

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