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Der 90. Geburtstag

A 1963 British recording of a 1920s comedy sketch has become a New Year’s Eve tradition in Germany and Denmark, and a cult favorite all over Europe. Entitled Dinner for One, it is the tale of a old dowager’s birthday party with her four closest friends: Sir Toby, Admiral von Schneider, Mr. Pommeroy, and Mr. Winterbottom. Also present is her her long-suffering (or maybe not!) butler, James. Image co. of AnalogueSat. Slate has the full story on it and the full script may be...
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Oh, Fudge

A generation removed from the unplumbable depths that brought Ate My Balls to the nascent Internet, a phenomenon known as “The Fucking Short Version” popped up on YouTube a few years back. Thanks to the proliferation of digital media, cheap processors and user-friendly editing software, a certain damaged few took it upon themselves to edit movies down to occurrences of the word “fuck” within the shooting script. Here is a modest (and inherently spoiler-laden) example from the Coen...
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High Class Pros in SoHo Bars

Due to a horrible transporter malfunction, my high school-self has taken over the blog. Luckily, his near-Herculean lazyness and Warren Ellis-caliber egomania means you only have to bear witness to this photograph and a sample of my (his? damn editorial gimmicks) music tastes circa 2000. “Enjoy”!

Shut It Down … Forever!

It is frustration central at the office this week. I’m tasked with an Important Project. My capability is summed up with an hour of yelling at a “malfunctioning” logon screen only to realize I’m supposed to login with admin/admin and not any of the half-dozen usernames and passwords I set up during the install. For the technically uninclined reader: neither the door nor trunk keys started the engine, and I missed the note saying the ones I needed were in the glove compartment. This...
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Santa Blue

…and so, another Christmas Eve descends upon us. For those of you unaware, being Jewish, I don’t actually celebrate Christmas. Coming from a secular Jewish family, I don’t actually celebrate Hanukkah, either. Growing up, we occasionally paid lip service to any number of Jewish traditions, but I don’t think we ever made it past the third or fourth candle. What we celebrate is New Year’s Eve. Christmas, in the Soviet Union, was replaced by the New Year’s Eve...
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