Come On, Let's Go.

Let’s Big Dance!

I love traditional folk crossover acts. Now I’m sure we’ve all heard of the folk-metal monstrosity Finntroll, for instance -- so how about something from the other side of the spectrum?

What do you get when you throw a pinch of Ukranian folk music, a smattering of the Pet Shop Boys, Dame Edna and whatever the hell kind of techno that’s been passing for pop music in Europe for the last ten years into a remaindered Soviet meat grinder? An overwrought use of a terrible cliché. Oh, and this:

That’s Verka Serduchka (Вєрка Сердючка), second place winner of Eurovision 2007.

Conceived as a drag act by Andriy Danylko, Ukranian Parliament spoke out against her entry into Eurovision as, ahem, “grotesque and vulgar.” Really, guys? Come on. How could you not love her?

It’s like your trashy aunt turned out to be a flamboyantly gay man, won the lottery and started showing up at the club.

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