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I’m Your Biggest Fan, Pt. 3 of 3

I met Chris Onstad during his signing tour for his hardcover collection of the Achewood arc The Great Outdoor Fight (the actual book.) I’d been a fan of Achewood for years; the much-lauded webcomic having seen me through both good times and bad, and with good chunks of the dialogue and panels are now permanently burned into my brain. I have friends with whom I can carry out entire conversations with Achewood lines. Something about the humor, the mix of earnestness and obscenity studded with...
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Synthetic Sharing Machine

I spent last night browsing YouTube for live sets of bands that I like and came up with two gems I’ve been ever-so-giddy to share. The first is a live set featuring Rap (a.k.a. Dragon, a.k.a. video artist Hari Ziznewski) opening for wunderkind Beirut in 2006. He is accompanied by the incredible Alaska in Winter. While Rap remains relatively – needlessly! – obscure, Alaska in Winter has been all over the place; his track “Your Red Dress” was featured in an episode of Gray’s...
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Au Français

Valerie (MySpace) is a French synth-pop/new-wave-revivalist collective. I don’t have much information on them as 95% of their written communiques to the outside world are in French and I don’t really care enough to translate invitations to parties halfway across the world. One of their better known artists is Anoraak, and he has released the entirety of his album Nightdrive With You here. His – and by extension Valerie’s – music is at once simple and nostalgic,...
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Oh Bowery, Up Yours!

On Friday night I went, with much trepidation, to see Owen Pallett (the artist formerly known as Final Fantasy) play at the Bowery. For those unaware, he is primarily a violinist and had, among his numerous guest spots, arranged the strings and provided guest vocals on Beirut’s The Flying Club Cup. The trepidation stemmed from the fact that the tickets were a came-home-late-and-drunk impulse buy and I really hadn’t any intention to see him live. I moderately enjoyed He Poos Clouds,...
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The Junk Key

When I’m rushing on my run Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Velvet Underground – Heroin (Demo) And I feel just like Jesus’ son Stephen Sawyer And I guess that I just don’t know Angry Youth Comix #2, Johnny Ryan And I guess that I just don’t know