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If you’ve had your ears open in the last few decades, you’ve heard the Amen Break. It’s in everything. Commercials use it all the time and drum and bass and hip hop rely on it for the basic beat behind practically every track. What started as a drum solo on the B-side of a soul 45 from 1969 became the groundwork for an uncountable amount of music. Take a listen, you’ll recognize it immediately even though it’s about six seconds long: Audio clip: Adobe Flash...
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Doing It For A Thrill

I can’t really explain why I enjoy La Roux as much as I do. Her voice is shrill, her overly-repetitive beats were found in a box outside of the Human League’s apartment, and she honest-to-god rhymed “box” with “locks” in one of her songs. But still. I’ve listened to her self-titled album over and over again these last month or so. I have more creative music, but I don’t care. There’s this odd, effortless-pop niche she fills for me and I am glad for it. Photo, edited, co....
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Ashes, Ashes

Saturday night, some friends and I went to a show at Cake Shop. Ostensibly, we went there to see Zola Jesus, but ended up leaving before her set – in fact, I felt a little bad as we put on our coats pretty much two feet away from where she was waiting to use the bathroom. I’m not completely familiar with her work, but I wanted to see her live as she was one third of the quasi-supergroup Former Ghosts, whose debut album was one of my favorites this year. She’ll be opening for Xiu...
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Catch Up With The Sun

Click to Enlarge Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, 1985, Marv Wolfman & George Perez The above page is one of my favorite examples of the usage of panel-breaking. I don’t think that’s the official term for it, but its one of the numerous techniques which separates the old guard of comics from the new. The fourth panel links directly to the twelfth, as the dimension ships hops from Earth-3 to Earth-1. Certainly, the creative team could have laid the page out in the exact same...
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