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Peer to Peer

Hi, folks! This is bitterandrew, also known as Andrew Weiss, also known as the curator of Armagideon Time, a Fake AP Stylebook contributor, and the junior editor of Dateline: Silver Age. I was at a bit of a loss when Griph asked me to write a guest post for him, considering I’ve spent the past week in low content mode over at my own site. I couldn’t turn the kid down, though, because we — along with fellow guest-posters Drinky and CJ — been internet pals since the days...
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Sub Rosa, Surfer Trixie

This guest-post is by Drinky of “Backup Control Room”. Perfect! If you’ve more than a passing interest in video games, you’ve likely heard of Steel Battalion, a 2002 mech combat game for the Xbox; the game was infamous for both its $200 price point (which, to be fair, bought you both the game and what was and is perhaps the most complex game-specific set of controls ever sold at retail) and for the fact that, if a player failed to eject from a critically damaged mech,...
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Come Into My Parlor

Due to technical difficulties, the rest of this week will be fueled by my good friends and fellow bloggers who have kindly obliged me by filling in while I take care of personal matters. Tonight’s post will be written by Drinky of “Backup Control Room”. Perfect!, Wednesday’s by Andrew of Armagideon Time and Thursday’s by CJ of One Hour Empire. See you next week, folks!

Just Radioactive Enough

Considering how haunted the 1950s were by the Red Wraith of Atomic Armageddon, it is amazing that the Dorothy Gray cosmetics company took it upon themselves to claim they irradiated a human being in the name of cold cream superiority. Real or not, the model’s split-second look of genuine confusion and discomfort at the clicking Geiger counter thrust toward her face says it all.

Danger Boy

Below is the “Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing”, the unaired pilot to Rugrats, which was one of Nickelodeon’s most popular cartoons. This is the primeval origin of over 350 episodes which aired over the course of eleven years and continued into several films and spinoffs. If you’ve ever watched the show, especially the later seasons, take a look at the huge, huge differences in the animation direction. There’s an obvious and overt flow to the animation...
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