Come On, Let's Go.

Kings of the Street Scene

It was around seventeen that my friends and I developed drinking as a hobby. My character being what it is was, I also decided to talk about drinking with everyone I knew. Incessantly. One of these people was Josh, who had somewhat-recently returned from Australia. It was there that he had encountered the comedy musical group Doug Anthony All Stars. Josh introduced me to “Broad Lic Nic,” a drinking song done as a rough pastiche of the Proclaimers. I promptly memorized the lyrics and ended up singing it every time I got a good bit of liquor in me. I'm not sure what it was that reminded me of it today, but listening to it I realized that I still remember all the lyrics. And all I can think is, sweet god, I must have been annoying as all get-out, wandering down a deserted Brooklyn street at 3 AM, belting the fucker out. Enjoy!

* * *

  • In other news, awesome comics artist and all-around great gal Nikki Cook is having a big ole art sale, all originals. She's also taking commissions, so if you've always wanted a piece of, say, Big Barda a rollerderby girl or Thor, Loki and Beta Ray Bill as a black metal band, now is your chance.

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