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A Boarded Front Door

I've played Interactive Fiction games on and off since I was about ten years old. I've never been particularly good at them and often got frustrated, but I never lost the feel for it. So, today, I was delighted to see that the People's republic of Interactive Fiction published a card-sized guide to IF. So, study it for a bit and then play some games, right in your browser.

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  1. I was, at one point, writing what I hoped would be a great game in the style of Zork on my C64. Everything was working well, the language parser was killer and the environment was fleshing out nicely until I hit the ceiling on ram. The map was coming in in chunks from disk, but there was no getting around the physical limitations of the lack of memory in the machine, mostly exposed by my not planning carefully enough at the outset.

    It was my first big app and my first lesson on architecture before implementation.

    I’ll always have a soft spot for Zork, I had a lot of fun with those and the Hitchhikers Guide version that followed.

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