Come On, Let's Go.

His Glamour Increases

I started this week off with a musical, so I may as well conclude it with one. I was about seven years old when my mother took me to a Broadway performance of Jesus Christ Superstar. We'd only recently emigrated, and while the seats were quite far away from the stage – I barely remember a damn thing – I know she splurged to take us there. A year or so later, I encountered the film version on television. It blew my mind. I'd been familiar with the bible: Old Testament by way of children's books, New Testament by way of a Story of Jesus comic book my mother most likely got from some proselytizers. However, the idea that one could could tell a story in a different way that it was originally told and use anachronism to help barely registered in my young mind. I can honestly say that Herod's sunglasses blew my mind open that day.

A few years later, during my sophomore year of high school, I sold my Magic: The Gathering cards for twenty bucks to buy my mother a birthday present. I got her the album version of Jesus Christ Superstar, and ended up listening to it more often than she did. Caiphas' bass has been burned into my mind permanently since those days.

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