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I Will Better The Instruction

Last night, I finally knocked off the Spring semester. Due to Circumstances, I was forced to take an Incomplete in an English course – the dreaded and eldritch Overview of Literature Part I – and didn’t complete the term paper until around 11 PM last night. So, considering that I had to spend the better part of yesterday pontificating on The Merchant of Venice, I figured there may as well be some overlap here. Here are both Orson Welles and Al Pacino reciting Shylock’s monologue:

Memories of the White Lodge

Growing up without a father was – hell, still is – oddly paradoxical. There was no big gaping hole where Dad should have been. While my mother had two subsequent husbands and a long-term boyfriend, none of them were filling (or were asked to fill) that particular role for me. On the other hand, father-son relationships on TV, although never in real life, really got to me. The most striking example I can remember was in an episode of Twin Peaks. Major Garland Briggs, played by Don S. Davis,...
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My Backpack’s Got Jets

Family Guy hasn’t been good for a few seasons now, but I sincerely recommend Something Something Something Dark Side (trailer), their Empire Strikes Back parody and sequel to their Star Wars parody, Blue Harvest (trailer). It’s spot-on and made by people who, like me, truly love the original Star Wars series, warts and all. Plus it is almost entirely free of the cutaways that started to get old around, what, season 4? You can watch the TV edit of it on Hulu, but you should get...
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Paying Dues

This is Mt. Sims, previously known as Mount Sims, and the project of Berlin-based American DJ Matthew Sims. Back in the early 2000s he was on the forefront of the electroclash scene. Now music is pretty close to darkwave now, with some post-punk influences that you can hear in the guitar and synth. He’s even collaborating with The Knife Back in the 1990s, though, Matthew (then Matt) Sims was the lead singer of Sublime/311-lite band Citizen King, who had their one big hit...
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I’ve recently been re-reading the grand Matt Fraction/Ed Brubaker run on Immortal Iron Fist. I have to say that I absolutely adore David Lanphear’s noun-based illustration of the sound effects which appear in David Aja’s segments (each issue takes place in two or three different timeframes, with a different artist for each.) I usually don’t pay a whole lot of attention to that particular facet of comics, but he’s got me looking at every issue real close now. ...
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