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Last summer, I took some time off work and spent a couple weeks in Copenhagen, visiting a pair of friends. One evening, while I was having some quiet time, a neighbor decided to start blasting Gary Jules' version of “Mad World.” You know, that song from the end of Donnie Darko. Now, I can't stand hearing that song and tend to evacuate whatever space it is being played in as fast as possible. Certainly, this wasn't as egregious as the time I heard it mixed into a set at a New Year's Eve drum and bass party, but the heartless bastard had the audacity to keep the track on repeat for at least twenty minutes. After a few extra seconds of silence at the end of a replay, I realized the torture had come to an end and immediately took my revenge. I plugged my computer into the house speakers and turned the volume up just high enough that I knew he could hear it from his apartment. For the next twenty minutes, neighbor-guy was subjected to the one song I can listen to on endless repeat, for just as long as he forced me to listen to his jam:

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  1. Should have thrown in the sisters of mercy version once in a while, irregularly, just to fuck with any chances of his getting used to it

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