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Remains Of The Day Lunchbox

Obsessed with trivia as I am, I like to think that I have a keen eye for certain off-hand references in films. Christopher Guest’s 1996 mockumentary Waiting for Guffman has two little background details that I find very amusing, for no reason in particular. I think it is the fact that just as there are no extra words in a poem, there are no extra set pieces on a film. So the decision to insert these aspects was a conscious choice on behalf of Guest (or whoever does his sets.) The...
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Chick Chicky Boom

If you were a kid around 1994, you probably saw The Mask. For me, it was one of the few films I saw with my mom in a theater, so I remember it pretty well. I had always been a big fan of Tex Avery and his very particular style in Looney Tunes and MGM cartoons. The film was like one of Tex’s shorts brought to life, full of wacky nobody-really-gets-hurt violence and innocuous lechery. Which made the comic that inspired it surprise me all the more. Click to enlarge Mayhem #2, Dark...
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Write A Song, I’ll Sing Along

I discovered my current taste in music directly between high school and dropping out of college. The summer after graduating from high school, I started a music FTP with these three gentlemen, all of whom have also graciously contributed to this blog in times of need. I remember the exact three songs which knocked me clean into the 21st century; previously I’d listened to almost nothing but psychedelic rock and oi. They aren’t the best tracks on the albums, but they were like...
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This Friday, I was sitting at work listening to NPR when a short feature on hyperlocal blogging came up. Needless to say, anytime the phrase “future of journalism” comes up, as it did, I become somewhat skeptical. The end result of my skepticism was a tweet-off between my friend Sarah (with a few contributions from her husband RJ.) This is a bit inside-baseball for those of you not residing in the five boroughs, so feel free to ask me to further disparage my hometown in the...
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A Stycke Off The Gamla Kloss

Linus Ã…kesson of Sweden has rebuilt (in the Six Million Dollar Man sense) an old electronic organ into something far, far greater. He calls it the Chipophone: