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I Can’t Do My Work

I skipped work this morning on account of throwing my back out enough to leave me almost wholly bedridden until the mid-afternoon. I live a somewhat sedentary lifestyle (yes, even for a pop-culture blogger) and the strain of carrying a 25 lb. bag of laundry for two blocks apparently did me in. I can't say I'm surprised. Thanks to the magic of Facebook, I've watched old schoolmates adopt their more, ah, three-dimensional physiques over the last few years. While it isn't time to give my metabolism the 21-minutes-on-a-treadmill salute just yet, the years of entertaining myself in repose by the light of a monitor seem to be catching up. So, to celebrate my temporary and lazyness-induced incapacitation, here are some videos of one of the laziest things I could possibly think of: other people playing video games.

Thanks to my friends at Metafilter, I was introduced to nesatlas. They combine speedruns with VGMaps' full-level mappings to let you see what it would be like to play NES games in HD. But not in the way you think. The following video is something that needs to be watched fullscreen and in 1080p (since when does YouTube have 1080p?):

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