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One of the best ways, in my opinion, to appreciate hip-hop as a genre is to listen to it in another language. By sacrificing the lyrical content, you can get a much better feel for the sound of the vocals themselves. You can get a hang of both the tone and style of the lyrics, without knowing a word of them. The rhymes and repetitions get interesting as well, as they still ring out, but this time without a lick of context. Coincidentally, you can replicate how I felt listening to any and all music in America at age 6, before I picked up on the language.

Here is Germany's Deichkind with “Limit”:

And here is Jack Parow from South Africa with “Dans Dans Dans”:

Finally, France's Syrano with “Matt l'automate”:

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  1. de9c19 j aime ,j aime et j aime tant te lire e0 chaque fois c est tes artclies sont une source intarissable qui m abreuve et je de9guste chaque ligne avec de9lectation et une grande envie de tout remettre en cause .Tu as le Talent, tu as le coeur mais surtout,tu as du courage رانيا تبارك الله عليك

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