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$430 Adjusted For Inflation

Inspired by a comment CJ left yesterday, I recalled the first time I had ever seen a video game in a television show. It was an episode of one of my favorite childhood sitcoms (or at least the one which was on most frequently) Charles in Charge - the 1984 pilot, in fact. The scene I remember involved Douglas Pebroke futzing away at a Vectrex. I originally thought it was a non-functioning prop, like most arcade cabinets you see in sitcoms. This was due, at least in part, to the Vectrex being claimed by the crash of '83, and well overshadowed by the NES by the time I moved to the States. Thanks to the swarms upon swarms of retrogaming geeks on the Internet, sworn to preserving every offhanded mention of their favorite consoles, someone actually posted the scene to YouTube. Thanks to the depth of knowledge and keen eye of a YouTube commenter (a phrase which will never be uttered sans irony again,) we know that the game is Minestorm:

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