Come On, Let's Go.

D, DF, F + HP

Every summer, the Evo2K tournament wows me with footage of people playing fighting games much better than I ever could. In high school and early college, 2D fighting games were my niche genre. Emulation got to the point where even the latest 2D fighter (Garou: Mark of the Wolves was the last game I remember obsessing over) could be easily played on my out-of-date computer. Eventually, I got bored, though. My mother, watching me play King of Fighters '99, once asked me how I knew all the moves I was doing. Somehow, "I memorized them," did not sound nearly as absurd to me as it clearly did to her.

My favorites of the genre have always been Capcom's CPS-2-based fighters. Crisp colors and fantastic animation and, of course, plenty of licensed and well-taken-care-of Marvel IP. So, I was delightfully surprised when this year's Evo2K had a tournament featuring the unreleased Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Taking after Street Fighter 4, it's done away with hand-drawn sprites and replaced them with cel-shaded 3D. I think it's a good choice; the times have nearly passed 2D fighters in general, and the apex of 2D graphics was hit about a decade ago. So, here's the footage. It's almost enough to make me want a next-gen console.

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  1. I seem to recall a few late night games of Soul Caliber 3 back in the old apartment.

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