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GROWin’ On Up

A new GROW game, entitled GROW Valley, came out a few days ago. The GROW series is the main puzzle attraction on EYEZMAZE, a Japanese Flash puzzle site run by a single individual who may go under the name “ON” (at least that's the name under which all the blog entries are penned.) If you're not familiar with the GROW series, prepare to entranced by these lovely and devilish puzzles.

The GROW games, of which there are a number, all have a single thing in common: an empty world and things to “plant” on it. You're given a choice between a number of elements: physical shapes and abstract concepts, that you plant in the world to flower. Each piece interacts with all the other pieces, and they grow up each turn, together. There are as many turns as pieces, and you can only place each piece once. It may seem random at the start, but you get to learn how pieces combine, at first by sheer trial and error, and get an idea of how many stages each one has until it is maxed out. The image at the top is a game of GROW Valley that is four turns into seven; I've blurred out which I have used so as not to spoil the fun.

Enjoy, and don't get too frustrated. Because you will get frustrated. I still have not beaten the original GROW, and only conquered the others by means of spoilers. GROW Valley is the first one I have beaten entirely on my own. I'll leave the solution to the puzzle in the comments section of this post, disguised for mouseover. Have fun!

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  1. Here’s the 100% solution. Mouseover for individual parts:


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