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If You Leave The City

The next post I make will be Come On, Let’s Go‘s one-year anniversary post. That’s one year of pop culture minutia and passing off music videos as blog posts. In the meanwhile, I’m attempting to write a paper on the aesthetics of Ronald Reagan’s speeches. So here’s a music video for “New Orleans,” off the upcoming Former Ghosts album new love: This has been my most anticipated album of 2010, ever since I found out about it a week ago....
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The Trees

CJ turned me onto the new game by Gregory Weir, who Kongregate devotees may remember as the creator of How To Raise A Dragon. The Day is a great oh shit-moment video game as I’ve ever seen. I can’t really say any more than that. It’s real short; it won’t take you longer than fifteen minutes or so to get both endings but do get both endings. Just start off playing cards first… Click To Play Enjoy!

Dharma of Exile

Today I wrote a paper on the genealogy of the Levites in the Old Testament. Here’s some equal parts Ramayan and Zep:

New Phonebooks Are Here

I’m moving and have a number of papers due this week, so updates will be a bit light. Here’s some Simpsons-based insanity courtesy of one shaneduarte (and his bandcamp page.)

In Praise of Decency

You know All-Star Superman, that absolutely amazing Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely Superman Comic I’ve touted the virtues at least on two separate occasions? Well, hot on the heels of the Jason Todd-unearthing, Watchmen-referencing Batman: Under the Red Hood (which I have not yet seen) Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, which is partially based on a different Morrison/Quitely story is All-Star Superman …the movie! Like all the other post-DCAU films, the film has a modified...
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