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Year One

So, today is this blog's one-year anniversary. One year ago, after a couple incessant weeks of bothering Andrew about the specifics of blogsmanship, I bit the bullet, Photoshopped myself a logo, asked my admin to run WordPress for me and, well, here we are. I have to say that this is the most responsible I have ever been with a personal project. Four updates a week – originally five but Friday Night Blogging didn't take – rain or shine and, barring some personal issues, I kept to it. When I didn't, friends stood up for me. Andrew, CJ and Josh were always there when I needed them to be. And not just, you know, posting a music video with a few lines of commentary.

Anyway, it's been a rough year for me (the roughest yet, honestly) and having this blog has made it just a shred easier. I had a thing to do, and I did it, and every day I went to sleep knowing that I accomplished something today. It didn't matter if it was an a prolix writeup of my first Velvet Underground record or a compilation of Perfect Strangers clips set to Offenbach's Galop.

So, in honor of the anniversary … I'm giving myself the day off. Considering this is more text than I've put into most entries lately that seems a bit weird, but it works for me. See you next week, everyone!

For those of you going to New York Comic Con this weekend, Nikki Cook (who just so happens to be my special lady) has written up a fantastic con etiquette guide. It's mostly aimed at her fellow artists, but you get enough geeks together in a convention hall and there are some clear and present rules everyone needs to follow.

She'll be at the Comic News Insiders booth on Friday from 4-5 and then on Sunday from 12-1, so drop by, say hi, and pick yourself up one of her awesome ashcans.

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  1. Happy Anniversary :D

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