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I began learning English long before I came to America. Thanks to Perestroika, Russian television aired a serialized BBC cartoon called Muzzy in Gondoland, which was aimed toward ESL education. I couldn't tell you if it helped or not but behind the American imports -- Duck Tales, Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers and Muppet Babies -- it was my favorite thing to watch on television.

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  1. OMG, if you asked me, I would not have remembered this, but once I started watching it, it started coming back to me… Wow. So weird. Not only the things we remember, but the things we forget… this is a little frightening.

  2. Oh wow, here in the US they advertised Muzzy tapes incessantly on Nickelodeon to teach kids French and Spanish. I don’t know if it ever aired on straight up television in these parts, but commercials for the goddamn tapes aired EVERY hour on the hour on Nick for years.

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