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The Ecology Most Likely To

I've recently gotten a hold of a number of seminal Dungeons and Dragons magazine Dragon back issues and hoo-boy are these an absolute treasure trove. The articles, which I've only gotten a chance to gloss, are as in-depth as you would expect any 70s hobbyist magazine to contain; this was long before the day gaming mags were simply eyecandy graded from 7 to 10 and press release circle-jerks.

The plentiful illustrations have an absolutely endearing pro-am quality to them that no modern publication can ever hope to match. For instance, take a look at out friend Baphomet, here, illuminated goatman-bosom and all. By the worried look of the skeleton on the left, I think the demon king just announced that no, those nachos are not sitting very well at all:

Or what about this Frazetta-style work, ripped right from the pages of Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter of Mars novels. I love the concerned look on the maiden's face as she faces what seems to be a dire version of Lion-O's faithful companion Snarf. In fact, the cat-thing seems to be echoing her worried expression. Perhaps they are both wondering what, exactly, Hank Furnace of Neptune is doing, staring off into the distance like that, weapon drawn, for what has been fifteen minutes now.

Finally, I bring to you what the editors of Dragon magazine and absolutely nobody else thinks of when they hear the words “Dungeon Master.”

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  1. I am strongly of the opinion that that is Orcus and not Baphomet.

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