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I have recently succumbed to the dreaded winter-sickness which plagues New York every winter. I’ve been sick for over a week now — and all through Thanksgiving — and today left work long before quittin’ time. Long enough that the total time spent working was actually less than the time I spent in transit, surrounded by people equally sick. The paranoia caused by our miserable economy has turned the subways into some sort of horrible reverse-quarantine, where the...
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Audrey’s Dance

David Lynch’s new dance-synth single dropped today. Just keep re-reading that sentence until it sounds absolutely wonderful. Seriously, though, the A-side, “Good Day Today” is great in that weirdly minimalist way that all of Lynch’s non-feature-film output has been. It’s a simple little beat, an autotuned voice pleading for good days and angels, and the occasional sample of a gun going off. If I saw a pair of 20somethings doing this in the basement of a north...
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Stop the Clock

I’m pretty sure this is exactly what things look like if you have access to the Speed Force. …or it’s some awesome high-speed camera effects from Graeme Taylor. No CGI here, folks, just framerate manipulation.

The Rare Canadian Dingo

If you’re in your mid-20s right now, you probably remember the 1990s Jim Lee-design-inspired X-Men animated series, which ran from 1992-1997. If you’re younger, you probably grew up with either X-Men: Evolution or the very-recent Wolverine and the X-Men. However, there is one series that predates all of these. It was a failed pilot from 1989 called Pryde of the X-Men. I still remember sitting on my mother’s boyfriend’s couch, ten years old and confused as hell as to...
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Promise Her Anything

A few days ago, the lady and I started watching Boogie Nights, again. I’m pretty sure we’ve both seen it quite a number of times. In fact, it is my favorite feel-good, life-affirming movie ever, and I mean that without a trace of irony. For some reason, this commercial always reminds me of it. Or, perhaps, some sort of horrible bizarro-version.