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I have recently succumbed to the dreaded winter-sickness which plagues New York every winter. I've been sick for over a week now -- and all through Thanksgiving -- and today left work long before quittin' time. Long enough that the total time spent working was actually less than the time I spent in transit, surrounded by people equally sick. The paranoia caused by our miserable economy has turned the subways into some sort of horrible reverse-quarantine, where the violently ill, myself included, subject their newly weaponized coughs and sneezes upon one another in an attempt to needlessly re-disprove the miasma theory.

I can distinctly remember the first time I ever stayed home sick from school in America -- I was six, and my mother and her husband had gone off to work and left me with the television and a plate of bread and salami. Having neither an appetite nor the taste for salami, I picked it at and watched Sesame Street for the first time. This became a sort of personal tradition for years, until we got cable and I switched to whatever was on Nickelodeon (Nick Jr., actually - a channel I had aged myself well out of and still watched and somehow enjoyed) and, in my pre-teen years and on, Comedy Central.

A few years back, musician and mashup artist Paul Thorpe (then going under Braces Tower ) released this remix of Sesame Street's segment about counting to twelve. Another artist, Gordyboy, synced it to the original video. Enjoy!

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  1. I was seriously. talking about the crayon video with Silver this weekend!

  2. Oh, man! Eleven twelve was one of the few segments from Sesame Street that stuck with me from childhood. Now all Mr. Braces Tower has to do is the culturally equitable French-language version. “Un, deux, tois, quat, cinq …”

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