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Audrey’s Dance

David Lynch's new dance-synth single dropped today. Just keep re-reading that sentence until it sounds absolutely wonderful. Seriously, though, the A-side, "Good Day Today" is great in that weirdly minimalist way that all of Lynch's non-feature-film output has been. It's a simple little beat, an autotuned voice pleading for good days and angels, and the occasional sample of a gun going off. If I saw a pair of 20somethings doing this in the basement of a north Brooklyn bar at 2 AM, I wouldn't be shocked or surprised. Hell, if someone told me this was a Crystal Castles b-side, I wouldn't be much surprised either. Speaking of b-sides, the one for this single isn't great. It's called "I Know" and has this odd spooky-country/Residents sound that I just don't care for. So here's "Good Day Today":

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