Come On, Let's Go.


One of my favorite Broadcast tracks is "A Man for Atlantis." There's a wonderful unearthly quality to the the beat that kicks in at around 0:50 that reminds me of a prom in an alternate 1950s America that happens to be submerged underwater. I'm also fond of all the sputters and skips during the constant repetition, breaking up an intended monotony with strangeness.

That song is exactly what I was thinking about when I stumbled onto Monster Rally. The music is a bit different, much more influenced by exotica than those magic changes. Imagine being on an elevator to a tiki bar just as the acid is kicking in and you have a general idea of what Monster Rally is all about. It's definitely not for everyone, but it hits all those right spots for me.

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  1. Couldn’t have described that second track better. Thanks for this one, I’m diggin’ this stuff a lot!

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