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I’m not a big fan of horror movies. However, this scene from The Exorcist III — directed by William Peter Blatty and based on his Exorcist followup novel Legion — is so well-made that I can put aside my distaste. I don’t think I have to mentioned this, but it is scary as all get-out.

So, So Bad

The Power Glove debuted in 1989. Considering the quality of the peripheral, I am completely unsurprised it has a cameo in a 1991 film of similarly lackluster make:

Feeling Brave Tonight?

Tonight I am lucky enough that my plans consist of playing my first-ever game of the Lovecraft mythos-inspired Arkham Horror. I enjoy board games, and this one seems complex enough — inventory! skills! battles! — to really get my blood running. So, in honor, here is the first Complicated Board Game I ever played (the board game that, coincidentally, made my teenage friends and I say “screw this” and finally shell out for Dungeons and Dragons books) as reviewed by Angry...
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Ultima 64

Everyone’s favorite unreleased game emporium Lost Levels has an (admittedly 6-year-old) article on a tech demo that was rumored — first by DieHard GameFan, and, later, everyone else — to be the Ultra Nintendo 64′s Final Fantasy game. Except it wasn’t. It was Square’s presentation for the 1995 SIGGRAPH conference: a battle from Final Fantasy VI, rendered in glorious 3D (for 1995, and a first for the Final Fantasy series) and presented with a unique mouse-based...
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Canada’s Pal, Davey Olsen

The entire six-season run of Kids in the Hall is on Netflix right now and I have burning right through the thing. Netflix’s ability to scroll through a video with previews is a godsend for sketch comedy series; I can skip all the sketches I dislike — sorry Scott Thompson’s idiot-man and that annoying little kid Bruce McCullough plays — without having to mindlessly scroll into the middle of sketches. Anyway, in the middle of the first Tammy sketch, I noticed something...
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