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Le P├ętomane

As a gift for probably my eleventh or twelfth birthday, I received a subscription to Larry Flint-published VideoGames magazine (formerly, VideoGames & Computer Entertainment.) As this was the mid-90s, video game journalism was in the "HEY COOL LOOKITTHAT" phase, and VideoGames was absolutely no exception. Looking back on it now, it was a second-rate EGM clone and it knew it. The reviews were more hype than review, and every writer was damn excited about everything. So, it was pretty much the absolutely perfect magazine for a hyperactive sixth-grader who loved video games and reading. Thanks to Retromags, I've been reliving my childhood and, well, I can sum up the VideoGames magazine experience with this excerpt entitled "It's a Gas":

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Tears Have Stained All The Pages

Here is Quentin Tarantino's first attempt at filmmaking, entitled My Best Friend's Birthday. Rather, here is 36 minutes of it, considering the rest was lost in a fire. It stars him and his coworkers from the video store he gives credit to providing him with the informal education in the medium that has consistently fueled his work and style.

For those of you who do not wish to sit through 36 minutes of a movie that is, in all honesty, not great (god knows I didn't) here's something considerably better. It is Tarantino doing a cameo in 1994s Sleep With Me. He plays a hyperactive film buff (i.e. himself) really digging his teeth into Top Gun's homoerotic subtext.


We died at Khitomer

From TV Tropes:

When the Monster Of The Week or the Big Bad shows up, it invariably picks up the toughest character among the heroes and hurls him across the room (or otherwise takes him out in one blow) in order to demonstrate just how Big and Bad it really is. Named for the tendency in Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine for hostile creatures to do that very thing to Worf.


Wow A Boat!

I grew up watching Brady Bunch repeats on Nick at Nite and can honestly say the show would have been better off if they had let Barry Williams be stoned for every scene and not just this one. Also notice the cut at 0:27 wherein Robert Reed clearly figures it out.


Fingering the Rosary Beads

Someone recently asked for some acoustic guitar jams and I suddenly remembered Kaki King existed. After six years of EPs and at least a single year living on the road, she collaborated on the 2008 Black Pear Tree EP with the Mountain Goats. I saw them live on the tour and she was incredible. I have never before, or since, heard a guitar virtuoso who can do something that isn't the aural equivalent of a public masturbator/trenchcoated flasher. She's good and she's fun and clearly more interested in making a good composition rather than just show off her chops -- especially considering that part comes out anyway. This is the composition that really won me over during the live set; if I am not incorrect, she designed that guitar herself.:

Here's my favorite song off Black Pear Tree:



Even during the in-your-face video game advertising age of the 90s, even for the re-release of a game nobody liked on a grossly overpriced console, you could probably still do better by offering to not hand out this t-shirt.

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The month of January will consumed by the last college class I ever have to take. Unfortunately, it's also going to be a pretty intense one, so get ready for Come On Let's Go's first-ever Low Content Month Extravaganza. Well, lower, anyway.

Here's Mortal Kombat Rebirth, a surprisingly high-quality fan film -- although Kevin Tancharoen, the fan, is a professional director and choreographer in his own right. It's a re-imagining and forgoes the supernatural plot for elements of body horror. Well, as much (or little, in this case) body horror as the budget allowed.

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