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Fourier Transform

I don't understand how cameras work very well, so I can't tell you exactly what is happening. However, there's a very good explanation here. Me? I just appreciate the hell out of the visuals.

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  1. I used the book to teach a Fourier Transform course for feollw engineers at Lockheed Martin. I taught straight from the book and only included some of my own personal FFT applications. The book gives a development of Fourier Transform & Series Fourier Transform, along with practical knowledge on how to apply them, and also gives numerous application at various level of difficulty. This is my favorite FFT reference. I’m still studying some of the applications in the last three chapters. I like the author’s figures for showing the convolution integral using Fourier Transforms. All the concepts were shown graphical with figures. The publisher needs to print this book in hard back since I used my paper back edition so much that its coming apart.I also would recommend Fourier-Related Transforms, Fast Algorithms and Applications by Norman Morrison and Introduction to Fourier Analysis by Okan Ersoy as good academic references but lacked the application focus I was looking for.

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