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This is “Red Square” from iiron, a release by the Russian-born, Sweden-based Ivan Pavlov. Pavlov recorded the guitar pieces in this track in the late-stage Soviet Union. I’ve had friends accuse me of liking far too minimalist music and, well, sometimes they’re dead on.


Exactly one year ago, I took a short break from Come On Let’s Go, letting my friends pick up the slack. Drinky provided Sub Rosa, Surfer Trixie. Andrew wrote Peer to Peer. CJ came through with Nothing New.nes. Nine months later, I indirectly explained the necessity of those guest posts. Today, I suggest you go re-read them.

Boing Boom Tschak

I’ve previously mentioned my distaste for the song “Mad World,” but this MIDI remix/video by BoingBoing’s Rob Beschizza is great. I don’t usually expect original content to come out of BB (much less good original content,) but, hey, this is some great music. The fact that I didn’t immediately hit the mute button reminds me of the time I had to flee the floor at a drum and bass party because the DJ decided to kill the mix and throw Gary Jules’ version on...
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The following episode of Cow and Chicken aired once in 1998, before being banned from the air. It is called “Buffalo Gals” and it is pretty much exactly what you think a children’s cartoon making fun of butch lesbians would look like. While I don’t think it is outright offensive — it’s a big, dumb caricature, not a Jack Chick tract — I am really, really amazed that this managed to get aired even once. I’m also fascinated with the episode because...
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J. Edgar Junior

Complete with realistic bolt-action for the junior G-man in your family. Pre-order and a get an official Mattel Whiskey Tumbler and Cirrhotic Liver playset free!