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1957′s miserable I Was A Teenage Werewolf had one redeeming feature beyond the fact that it made a pretty good MST3k episode. It was this completely inexplicable dance number — complete with steps straight out of Gutterballs — in what is otherwise a teen rebel/horror film.


Once in a while I really enjoy a piece of music the context for which is completely alien to me. So, I love the hell out of this medley, I know it is from Jamaica and … that’s about it. So if anyone wants to elucidate what this is, feel free to do so in the comments.

Gwen and the Stacies

If the movie trailer is a form of art — or at least a genuine medium — both the action and the indie movie trailer is genres. And, as with any genre, ripe for parody:

New York Was Great

Earlier this week I saw the Raveonettes play live. This was the second time as I previously saw them on their last tour/my 25th birthday. This time I got right up close, front-and-center, where people of my stature (and complete lack of consideration for future hearing loss) belong at shows. Directly in front of me, a girl was recording them on her cell phone and, luckily enough, two of her recordings popped up on YouTube a few days later. So, for the first time ever, I am proud to present some...
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Think of the Children

I’ve been reading IDW’s Dungeons and Dragons series based entirely on the strength of Chris Sims’ review and I am just absolutely delighted. John Rogers’ dialogue just absolutely nails the bullshitting-through-sudden-death D&D experience. And then there’s this offhand reference to Futurama… IDW’s Dungeons and Dragons #2 Co. Futurama Wiki