Come On, Let's Go.


So one night, like many other nights, I was lollygagging at the Complete Calvin and Hobbes hardcover on Amazon. One day -- assuming they fix the numerous physical flaws -- I will own the damn thing, but for now it is a bit rich for my blood. However, I did realize that as I've had the last two books since I got them as a reward for working the junior high book fair), I only needed six books to complete my Calvin and Hobbes collection. So, thirty dollars later, I now own the entire run of the comic in eight slightly used books. This comic is, so far, one of my absolute favorites:

It really shows off everything Watterson is great at. He very rarely uses that style of art, but it appears flawless. The characters keep their trademark coloring. Susie's hair remains her double-brown shade and her clothes are purple-on-purple clothes. Calvin's remains blonde and his tie is black with red stripes, like his shirt in the "real" world. The wonderful, wonderful childlike logic of stopping by the hospital to pick up a baby is delightful, and so is the fact that Calvin sees Mr. Bun as a "real" (rather than anthropomorphic) rabbit in his imagination.

So, expect more C&H stuff in the future!

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