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I remember very clearly the first four video games I had received for my NES. Unlike the Atari 2600 which my mother bought me when we juts came to this country -- under the mistaken assumption that it would perfectly well replace a babysitter -- the Nintendo did not come with a box of games. Rather, it was packaged with Super Mario Bros. 3, and each game after that was a struggled of dropped hints and counting the days to gift-getting occasions. I got Ninja Gaiden 2 around the same time as the NES from my mother's boyfriend, it must have been my seventh or eighth birthday. Three months and ten thousand rented cartridges later, I received Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Dragon Warrior II.

I never got far in any of these games. For all my love of video games, I am to this day spectacularly bad at them. I have neither the determination nor the patience to make it past the first act of most games. However, I did replay the opening parts of all these video games over and over again until I traded them for something else I would never finish. And nothing gives me pangs of nostalgia like the background music from Dragon Warrior II:

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  1. I have whole sketchpads from my youth filled with drawings of these characters!

    Also, I was always weirded out by the dungeon-like oubliette that I guess was supposed to represent the “Throne Room” in the beginning there.

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