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So Busy

One night, passing through Park Slope on an almost-empty F train and listening to to the Mountain Goats’ Tallahassee for the tenth dozen time, I suddenly heard strings in a track that I never realized had strings before. I turned off my iPod only to realize the strings were still going. Turning around, I realized that during the previous stop, directly behind me, a busker had wheeled in a cello and a stool and started playing. Nat Baldwin plays a bass, but I relive that weird,...
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Boys Will Be Boys

You know, I usually don’t dig on music videos featuring kids. Unless, of course, those kids are engaged in rocking out black-metal style and/or some incredible cartoon violence.

Relative Dimension in Space

The pixel video artist/chiptune genius who is Doc Octoroc (previously) has made this awesome cover of the 2010 Doctor Who intro, straight-up SNES-style — the scaling effects are perfect. Even though I stopped watching Doctor Who about halfway into the tenth Doctor’s tenure, I have expressed my love for the theme and this is a great take on it.


, Co La (a.k.a. Matt Papich) has released the entirety of his new album Dial Tone Earth for listening. It’s a 46 minute long track, and is some fresh, great exotica in the vein of Monster Rally. It’s some sweet, minimal goodness for sunbathing on the moon. Co La – Dial Tone Earth by friendsrecords


Sound engineer/composer Diego Stocco built this instrument, which he dumbs the “bassoforte” out of a dismantled piano and chunks of a guitar, bass and chimney. Check out his videos for more awesome sound experiments.