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Aeron of Mystery

Like I mentioned here, I don't watch horror films. But I can appreciate the originality of thought that went into making this scene.

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Today Is Tomorrow’s History

A bit over a year ago, this video was making the rounds. It's a collection of terrible, terrible video game voice acting:

Now, here is a gentleman named Dean Lauderdale acting out all the clips from above, appropriately hamming it the hell up. One thing of note is that his syncing is great.


The Sound Of A Constant Fall

Realizing it has been nearly a decade since I started the thing, I've taken to re-reading the early entries on my LiveJournal. As something of a follow-up to this post, here are some necessarily curated -- seriously, 90% of the stuff is either tracks from the same three oi albums or selections from Q104.3, New York's home for classic rock -- picks from early-mid 2002, rounding the bend on high school:


Want a Sandwich?

This is one of my favorite Lenny Bruce bits of all time - a doped-up 50s hipster getting a job on Lawrence Welk's definition-of-square variety show. For some reason, they edit out Lawrence Welk's name. This isn't the best version; I prefer the one which ends with Welk commenting on the hipster's eyes being so smaaall instead of he monkey part. But, considering the dearth of Lenny Bruce stuff up on YouTube (along with the fact that no one is going to listen to the esoteric "Palladium" bit even if I personally upload it,) here you go.


A Night Of No Small Expenditure

...and who can forget the classic bar fight scene from ABC's family comedy Step By Step. Patrick Duffy comes in at 3:46 if you want to skip right to that part.


Be, Believe in Love

Friday night I went to go see two of my recent-favorite bands, Twin Shadow and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. It was, first and foremost, a fantastic show and, secondly, an interesting exercise in bands being out of their element. Twin Shadow as I previously covered is an individual making synthpop, while on stage he plays a guitar backed by a drummer, a bassist/electronics and a keyboardist/electronics. The live set was a completely different take on his very, very good debut album, Forget. There was this imperfection to the timing that all but the most manufactured live shows have, and in this case, is also the polar opposite to the slick and minimalist production on the LP.

The Pains (covered here) are a dream-pop/shoegaze band, which is a combination not making for an interesting live set - the very term "shoegaze" comes from the general immobility of the band on stage. However, Kip Berman (vocals/lead guitar) was as alive as you could be and doing everything short of tearing his guitar in twain. Fortunately, someone did take some good footage of their encore:

Also, I finally found some video of the Zola Jesus show I went to a few weeks ago:


Movable Type Authority

Two years ago I saw the only episode of HBO's Bored to Death I have ever seen and this has bugged me since that day:

If you're from NYC and take the train even semi-regularly, that should stand out like a sore thumb. The typeface is completely wrong and the terminal station on the left is in Queens while the train is going, ostensibly, to Brooklyn (plus the train reflection is all weird and swoopy). This is how it is supposed to -- and did -- look earlier in the episode):

My guess? They had footage from inside of the train station and either cut corners or simply forgot to take footage from the other side and decided to 'shop it, or whatever the video-editing equivalent is.

Little did they know that I would blow the lid right off their little secret two years after it had any relevance to anyone.



I have really been digging Fancy Mike's Sigma Chi Primavera. It reminds me a lot of Motoro Faam's faster, less ambient beats. Just a lovely, crunchy, synthy mess. You can download the whole album -- all legit-like! -- at Fancy Mike's BandCamp page.



I've been noticing some amazing celebrity parodies appearing on YouTube. Better than just some schmuck (or schmuckette) sitting infront of a webcam, these parodies have production values and are absurd to the extent that the object of parody is subsumed by the quality of the act.

First, here's Jim Hansen's Chloe Sevingy:

Next up, Noel Kristi Wells' Zooey Deschanel:

...and finally, Elaine Carroll and Sam Reich's sitcom-quality Very Mary Kate:

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