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Our Powers Combined

I’m pretty sure anyone who has ever even seen either of these toys wanted to do this.

The Quick Fuse

One of my favorite scenes in Mel Brooks’ ’68 The Producers is Lorenzo St. Dubois’ (LSD to his friends) audition. It’s not just funny, but a fantastic parody-cum-time capsule of New York in the 1960s. It also contains one of the most sartorially hilarious zoom-outs in film:

Shower Scene

Woody Allen’s directorial debut, Take The Money And Run, has some scenes of physical comedy that would be appropriate in a Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton film. Long before he went for the head, he’d go for the gut with scenes like this one, demonstrating the trials of urban living and date-induced absentmindedness.


So a few of the gentlemen at the Gothenburg Historical Fencing School decided to take advantage of modern technology and taped a GoPro camera to a sword. The perspective inversion makes for some pretty original footage, comparable to the SnorriCam.

Vector In On That Guy

Watch enough modern-day detective shows and techno-thrillers and you’ll notice one common thread: if an image is ever pulled up on a computer screen, it suddenly becomes resolute to the infinite degree. An episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent from 2006, for instance, had webcam footage on a real-estate website read text off the LCD display on home security box. TVTropes has, obviously, covered this (as I’ve covered them, earlier) and a video was born: Futurama, the...
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