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Fierce With The Gold Gloss

So, I am back from my unannounced, week-long hiatus. For the first time in two years, I am employed full-time. It's harrowing, to say the least, after so many years of a combination of full-time school and part-time employment (and, since graduating in February, only part-time employment) to realize how little free time I actually have. I am, at least, fortunate enough to work in an area of Brooklyn most people commute from in the morning and to in the evening, so I will now be doing two pleasant 45-minute bus rides every day rather than two utterly obnoxious hour-and-a-half long train rides, complete with a transfer at a station that never, ever fails to smell like boiled crotch. Also, they sell Tofutti at the bodega down the block from the office.

So, yeah, adjusting to my new life necessitated a short break from blogging. And now I'm back with a song I've been listening to non-stop since I first heard it. Kreayshawn is from Oakland and her first track -- the one that won her an a deal with Columbia -- is amazing. The title is a bait-and-switch apparent, immediately when she rhymes what seems to be a stereotypical hip-hop declaration of brand-love "Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada" with "the basic bitches wear that shit, so I don't even bother." The beat is deliciously minimal, there's one sample and she looks like an extra from a 90s West Coast hip-hop video - this is 2011 in the flesh.


Savage Sword

Co. Clandestinish

On the Geek Totem Pole, LARPing tends to consistently score somewhere between cosplayers, who get their kicks out of simple aesthetics, and people who truly believe in their heart-of-hearts that they are wizards. And considering the video below tends to be the image brought to mind when LARPing is brought up in conversation, it is no surprise:

So, leave it to Albuqurque duo A Hawk and a Hacksaw -- half of which is former Neutral Milk Hotel drummer Jeremy Barnes -- to make LARPing actually look to the outside world as epic as it hopefully looks in these gentlemen's heads. And not simply that, but also to not downplay in the least that these are grown men fighting with rubber swords.


Ovine Geometry

The word "trippy" is thrown around a lot, usually to describe things that are even the slightest bit off-kilter. However, Cyriak's latest video, "Baa," is trippy, includes many visual concepts one traditionally associates with a genuine hallucinogenic experience. Enjoy.

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