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The Evo fighting game tournament is upon us once again. They’re all playing Street Fighter 4 now, but until that game debuted (and possibly still) Street Fighter 3 was a tournament mainstay. Growing up around arcades (SF3 was only recently emulated), I’ve played a fair amount of the game and one thing I could never get right was the parry — a defensive attack performed by tapping the directional button the moment the attack hits. No matte how I tried, it never really worked...
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A Fine Song And Dance

I could never get my friends to watch movies from the 1940s. Mainly because every time we sat down to watch a movie we were beat from school, or work, or hanging out all day to the extent that following the rapid-fire dialogue in, for instance, a Howard Hawks or Preston Sturges film was just too much to work through. Take, for instance, this scene from 1940s classic His Girl Friday, starring Rosalind Russell as a hardcore journalist and Cary Grant as her editor and ex-husband. Family Guy...
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Inevitable Fast Access

I’ve been really digging Ford and Lopatin latest LP Channel Pressure. I also absolutely love the cover art for their latest album, which, I have to admit, was a big part of me picking up the album. The album comes resembles a Gary Numan release, with glitchy IDM embellishments and shifted R&B vocals, the latter being a mainstay of dubstep, and it’s nice to hear it in a different venue. Like my college favorite Add N to (X), their production technique is intentionally...
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In 1945, Salvador Dali began a project with Disney that, mainly due to a lack of interest on Disney’s behalf, would not be completed until 2003. Titled Destino, it’s quite literally a romp through Dali’s style and imagery with all of Disney’s fluidity and grace.

Forest Temple

Greenwood Sharps’ Things Familiar is taking the place Ratatat did, as far as minimalist beatmaking goes. They carry a bit of a New Age vibe rather where Ratatat’s reference hip-hop one, and they’ve got vocals, but there’s a definite overlap between their sounds. Definitely check out this EP.