Come On, Let's Go.

Big Finish, Part 4

So, we come to the conclusion of this experiment with the fatality which takes the most advantage of the Sega CD's hardware. I mean, it wouldn't be a Sega CD game without CGI full motion video, would it? The Cinekill involves the character being damned by the Dark Champion to a death exemplifying their biggest fear. At least that's what the Wiki says; I have a hard time believing that someone's biggest fear is being a victim of the Headcrusher from Kids in the Hall. I have to say that for a game from 1995, the CGI is pretty good, and the imaginative and very graphic content -- the celebration of which is the whole reason for this Week's posts -- more than makes up for the choppiness. All in all, I just wish that this was a better game, so that working to see all these fatalities would be fun, rather than an exercise in tedium allayed only by someone devoted enough to a forgotten 90s fighter to make these videos.

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