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Shot Reverse Shot

I spent the entirety of the hurricane holed up in my 1.5-bedroom apartment with my girlfriend, her brother, his wife, my two 80-year-old grandmothers and my dog. I am not yet sure how it is that I did not go absolutely insane, but I managed it. I ended up watching more movies than I had in a while, all of them somehow oriented around action: G.I. Joe, Star Trek, The Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia, Highlander and Big Trouble in Little China. I had never hidden to fact that I enjoy...
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I’ve been watching History’s ufology/ancient astronaut series Ancient Aliens — the show where every “expert” interviewed has a book called ______ of the Gods — and it has just been the most entertaining thing. Mainly because every interview plays out almost exactly like this:

Bare Tentacle

Most web videos you see in the 16-bit style tend to use the SNES as their basis for the visuals. This is, usually, because the SNES was the superior system as far as visual quality was concerned. This leaves us Genesis owners in the dust, even after we I finally acknowledged the superiority of the competing system fifteen years down the line. So it’s really nice to see the Sonic, Streets of Rage references and general Sega feel in Mykola Dosenko’s video for Samo Sound Boy‘s...
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Galactic Pot-Boiler

One of the first serious, popular looks at Philip K. Dick’s work was this Rolling Stone profile from 1973. It was even featured on the cover, right under the cover article on Rod Stewart. Besides the reporting, the article featured this beautiful splash page. The scattered pills, the yin-yang necklace, the nightmarish file cabinet and that it’s-not-there-it’s-not-there-it’s-not-there glance on PKD really make it for me.


I am a single season away from finishing the entire run of Seinfeld. I am prone to turning on a television show while hangin’ out (my epic run of nine season of Criminal Intent, for instance) and Seinfeld turned out to be a particularly quick watch. I also realized that somehow I have managed to actually have seen all of it previously, even though I can’t really recall ever sitting down and watching the show. Anyhow, I’m pretty glad I watched it this way because it nearly...
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