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Madame President

It's always nice to discover a female artist in a male-dominated field. Tonikom is a fantastic IDM composer/DJ, and does a killer live set:

She's also great recorded:


Cruise Around Town

I've been listening to Machine Gun Fellatio since the summer between high school and college during the halcyon FTP Days. Pete (of the Native Cats) introduced to us this band hailing from his native Australia, and I was hooked on their filthy funk sound. I can't get across the disappointment I felt when, a few solitary months between my 18th birthday, they played their only US show at a strip club and I couldn't go (of course, even my mother was making fun of me for not having a fake ID at this point.) So, off their second album Paging Mr. Strike, here's rollercoaster. The video borderline NSFW -- nothing genuinely obscene, but I wouldn't watch it at the office:



Like many single children my age, my first exposure to the X-Men was Fox's 1990s cartoon. I was immensely proud of myself for having caught every single episode of the first season. I also loved the theme to death. No other music, save the Lambada -- a topic for another post -- had inspired such raw emotion in my eight-year-old self. If you can't recall, or have never heard it, here you go:

When the series was sent to Japan, the intro was re-done in an anime style and set to a rock soundtrack. The result is surprisingly awesome:

There was also a second, slightly more ponderous opening. There's still a bunch of action, but check out that (comparatively) long shot of Logan, Scott and Jean. Even though the triangle themes made it over into the cartoon from the comic, I don't think anything like that would've made it into the opening of a kids' TV show:

In 2011, a 12-part X-Men anime series was released as part of the Marvel Anime project. Free of the constraint of having to resemble American source material, this is one is pure Japanese:

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