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I saw Austra open for Cold Cave the other day and, as it happens once in a blue moon, was delightfully surprised by an opening band of whom I had never heard before. The band consists of a young woman doing vocals, two backup singers, a guitarist, keyboardist and live drummer.

Austra, sans third vocalist and drummer

The three on vox appear to have been raised on a steady diet of Stevie Nicks and the Cocteau Twins: ethereal vocals and ghostly dance steps abound. They were overtly (almost pretentiously) strange, but the endearing sultriness of the act won me over. The enthusiasm of their fans -- they danced! At a show in New York! -- was delightful as well. They're playing live again soon, and I intend to catch them. Someone quite fortunately took footage of the show I attended, so here are Austra performing "Young and Gay":

...and for better sound quality, here is their video for their single and crowd-please "Lose It":

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  1. I saw you lined to my site, and now you’ve turned me on to this awesome new band. Thanks.

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