Meanwhile, at Google Reader, Josh shared a link with an image of the amazing stage design for French fencer Charlotte’s stage in Samurai Shodown 2 for the NeoGeo. In high school, I may have played the Samurai Shodown games more than any other, save for possibly the Kings of Fighters. Basically, I was an enormous NeoGeo fanboy from the moment I realized that even my Pentium 2 could emulate the system at full-speed. I would leave my dial-up connection on while I was in school and between download managers and some hope, I would have a game ready to play by the time I got home. Then I would proceed to intermittently play it, read FAQs, and find websites that explained the surprisingly involved storylines that NeoGeo fighters usually had. I was, uh, pretty much this guy:

Like Charlotte’s stage struck the author above, the music for Charlotte’s stage in Samurai Shodown IV, titled “Continuation of the Woman from Far Away” (the game is Samurai Shodown, after all) always stood out for me . I can remember losing more than one match just because I was so caught up listening. It’s not just downtempo, it’s also full of silences, which is very rare for a video game, much less a 90s fighter.

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