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Sometimes a video will hit all those 80s-future sweet spots and, well, here it is. Incredibly bright monitors! Giant-ass keyboards! Gibson-y wireframe cyberspace! The track itself is pretty great as well; I’ve been enjoying Com Truise’s Galaxy Melt since it came out.

She’s A Harbor Chick

I was watching Ghostbusters 2 the other day when I saw something delightful: the Statue of Liberty was controlled using a hacked NES Advantage: …and, why not, here’s a Boards of Canada’s “Statue of Liberty” off a Few Old Tunes Vol. 2.

You Want To Sleep With Me?

I’ve been waiting for this to pop back up on YouTube for a while. It’s an excerpt from a four-hour-long documentary on the Nightmare on Elm Street Series called Never Sleep Again. Now, I’m not a fan of the series or horror films in general, but this clip is hilarious. I don’t want to spoil any of it, but the general result of the interviews is that from a bit of subtext in the script, a bunch of people managed to make a film with explicit gay themes without having any...
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The Soviet Union was breathing its last breaths when anything I can relate to as a reliable memory kicked in. I remember being told about American Stores which had expensive goods available for an entirely different kind of money than the rubles and kopeks I was used to. I also remember hearing about an American restaurant — McDonalds — opening in Moscow. I was told that the lines stretched around the block and that people valued the cups they got there like treasures from the...
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The Brain Does The Thinking

In 1991, SF author Terry Bisson wrote a short story called “They’re Made Out of Meat.” The plot, as much as there is one, revolves around two aliens’ inability to comprehend the fact that human beings are, in fact, made out of meat. In 2006, Stephen O’Regan made a short film