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I was on a nostalgia kick last night and, as these things usually go, it ended with my watching about a half-dozen cartoons intros on YouTube. Going further and further back in time to my childhood, I looked up one of my favorite cartoons from back before I even understood enough English to grasp the dialogue. Howie Mandell's Bobby's World wasn't the greatest cartoon of the 90s, but it ran for nearly a decade and I caught a fair amount of it growing up. However, the disconnect between my watching this cartoon and my education in film means I didn't notice one very important thing until last night. Let's see if you get the "oh, shit!" moment I had last night. Here's a hint: it becomes the most blatant at around 0:25 in:

Here's the big solution:

Now, I could be wrong, but unlike, say, anything from the Fox stable -- Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, et. al. -- Bobby's World was not particularly known for its smirky adult moments, so a reference to The Shining, of all films, is all the more surprising and delightful.

Also, because someone was willing to put a lot more time and effort into this connection, you can see the cartoon's music overdubbed onto the film's video here. The creator disabled embedding, so you'll have to follow the link through but it's worth it.



I've been really digging on West LA artist David Jien's work. Erratic Phenomena has a huge interview with him, and a good sampling of his work. His work resembles a cross between video game-like isometric perspective, graffiti and classic Chinese painting.

"Ride or Die" (click to englarge)

I'm really digging on his use of color and the flatness of the images in the context of the perspective. There's a self-limitation there that is comparable to chiptune artists and creators of overtly retro video games.

"The Group At Level 2" (click to englarge)

There's an obsessiveness to the hyper-compact detail that is really brought out by the use of pencil. It almost reminds me of Wolfli, but representational and not, well, crazy.

"Army of Meadjs" or "The Who Riders" (click to englarge)

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