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Back before the popularity of cable, Netflix, P2P and all that good stuff, they showed feature films on network television. I’m going to assume this is either blindingly obvious to most of you reading this, but I’m pretty sure at least one or two of you was born well after cable became prohibitively expensive. Anyway, the first October after my family moved to America — and sometime after I figured out what Halloween was by straining myself silly reading a magazine article in...
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Mistaken Identity

I’ve been listening to Zomby’s new album Dedication pretty frequently. I originally got the album thinking it was by Zombi, the group who released a split LP with Maserati a few years back (hell, it was on 4AD) but, surprise, it’s actually some pretty swell, minimal dubstep. Here’s the first single, “Natalia’s Song”:

Where’s the Beat?

I have, so far, been pretty lucky to have never had a corporate burger-flipping job. It’s not the nature of the work that I find objectionable — I worked graveyard shift in a cold sandwich place — but the combination of dangerous equipment (your deep fryers, grills and the like) and bored, underpaid teenagers that scared the crap out of me. Clearly, it scared the crap out of the owners as well, as the stories of textbooks worth of rules indicating as to the proper procedure...
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Junior Prospectors

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen was a considerably better book that it had any right to be. From its early attempts to present Jimmy Olsen as a tough guy — he punched out a mobster at least once an issue in the first year — to its later use as Jack Kirby’s jumping-off point for the Fourth World — he was given any choice of book to write for by DC and picked Jimmy Olsen because it had no regular writer and, therefore, no one would lose their job — the book was a...
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Pearl of Foreseeing

The Monster Brains blog acquired quite a treasure recently. The complete Official Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Coloring Book, scanned for your entertainment. My favorite page has to be “A Vision of Demon Fire,” wherein the party’s dwarf has a vision of all matter of demonic (and baboon-ic) hellfiends playing what seems to be a friendly game of cee-lo on a pentagram inscribed into the floor. Adorable.