Come On, Let's Go.


I don't like talking about blogging but, today is the second anniversary of Come On Let's Go. I've admittedly been a little less diligent about the regular updates in the last few months, but most of you have probably stuck by maybe. When I started this project, I didn't think I could actually hold out this long and, yet, here we are, you and I, reading this. Meanwhile, I didn't really think up of anything for this anniversary, more-or-less reflecting my work ethic during the blog's sophomore year. So, here I am, sitting here watching Futurama and trying to get the dog to stop licking the goddamn table and openly narrating my attempt to make this blog post, in the exact opposite of the manner in which I try to avoid doing on a regular basis. Because today is special.

So, thanks for reading, keep it up and enjoy Glasser:

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